We are three painters who bring our brushes together to create original abstract acrylic paintings.  Five years ago we began this journey of collaboration.  Most painters are solo operators, and people often ask how we are able to work together on a single canvas.  

Painting with unified vision means taking extra time to allow for personal language to merge into a collective expression.  We sign our paintings, Duende As Art.  Duende is from the Flamenco Dance.  It's when the Spirit and the Dancer become one.  We are painting the dance.


Katherine Rody approaches each new canvas as an explorer, discovering the limitless expressive possibilities of abstraction.  Katherine listens to the paintings, creating bridges, as the paintings evolve.  Her training in Flamenco dance inspired the name Duende.  When Katherine isn't painting, she's traveling the globe and sharing stories, which then again weave their way into our ever emerging paintings.

Adriaan Meijer steps into the paintings process and sees what will take the artwork to the next level.  Watching Adriaan paint is like watching Bob Ross.  He makes complicated nuances look like a happy afterthought.  His eye for composition and balance brings visual depth to the paintings.  His "out of the box" color combinations keep Katherine and Angela on their toes.  Adriaan travels the world as a field engineer, and likes to play piano and harmonica.

Angela Meijer is trained as a fine art photographer, and developed her visual language paintings with light.  For over 20 years, she has explored making the unseen world visible.  Her paintings resemble mappings of uncharted geography, inhabited by flying creatures.  She's a firm believer that anyone can learn art techniques, but great art comes from having a story to tell.

Ankeny, IA, USA
(515) 279-0149