Artist Collective: Duende As Art

Shared a studio and painted Abstract Artwork together from 2012-2019.


Painting The Dance

We started painting together in 2012.  Who knew that we would enjoy painting together so much, that we would share a studio till 2019? Now, our times of painting together will forever inform our personal creative endeavors.  Most painters are solo operators, and people often ask how we are able to work together on a single canvas.  Painting with unified vision means taking extra time to allow for personal language to merge into a collective expression.  When we paint together, we take turns painting on the canvas.  It takes time to then merge these individual expressions into a collective and unified painting.  We sign the back of our paintings, Duende As Art, and with the names of the artists who collaborated on that painting.  Our paintings are like visual prayers.  We dance, move and layer colors that express a heavenly view of the places we hold in our hearts.  They are an expression of heaven on earth, a prayer for unity and for the healing of the land.

Why Duende?

The term "Duende" is from the Flamenco Dance.
It's a word used to describe that moment in the dance when the Spirit and the Dancer become one.  Even when we are creating personal paintings, we are painting with the Spirit and therefore collaborating.  We are painting the dance.


Katherine Rody approaches each new canvas as an explorer, discovering the limitless expressive possibilities of abstraction.  Katherine listens to the paintings and creates bridges, as the paintings evolve.  When Katherine isn't painting, she's traveling the globe and sharing stories, which then again weave their way into her paintings.  She believes that color is the language of the heart, and with it she explores the connection of suffering and resurrection life.


Angela Meijer developed her visual language painting with light.  For over 20 years, she has explored making the unseen world visible.  She loves creating collaborative abstract paintings and also makes personal work.  For the last two years, Angela has been illustrating a children’s book by author Brian Hoeppner.  This book of poems titled Nya Loves The Four Seasons and Her Black Fur has just been released in time for the holiday season.  Angela is currently planning illustrations for the second Nya Loves book.


Adriaan Meijer never considered himself an artist.  Yet, watching Adriaan paint is like watching Bob Ross.  He makes complicated nuances look like a happy afterthought.  His eye for composition and balance brings visual depth to his work.  He can see what he wants to paint, and then comes up with ways to create these visions on the painting surface.  Adriaan travels the world as a field engineer, and likes to play piano and harmonica.  He is also a poet.