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Framing and Caring For Your Artwork

We have created beautiful original paintings on paper, and we have decided that the best way to offer them to you is without frames.  We are artists, not framers.  That being said, we want to share what we have learned about framing and caring for your original painting on paper.  The best way to have your work framed is to take it to a professional.  They know everything about conservation and will also help you make a beautiful frame selection.

If you'd like to frame the artwork yourself,

here are a few things to consider.

Some of our paintings on paper come in an archival mat.  These paintings come ready to place in an 11x14 inch frame.  The mat keeps the painting from touching the glass.  There are two things to consider when framing these paintings.

  1. Most ready made frames come with regular glass.  It only protects your artwork from dust and scratches, but it does not protect your artwork from harmful UV rays or contain any anti-reflective properties.  You can replace this glass with Museum conservation glass, which will protect your artwork from harmful uv-rays as well as preventing unwanted glare.  
  2.   Once the artwork is in the frame, framer's points or linen tape can be used to seal the space between the contents and the frame. It is good to then glue or tape a thin layer of paper across the back, from one edge of the frame to the other.  This keeps dust from entering the frame.
  3. Humidity can really harm artwork, and cause it to warp even mold.  Make sure that your painting is in a climate controlled environment.  

Some of our paintings feature a deckled edge.  These paintings require one more step in the framing process.  In order to ensure that the glass does not touch the painting, we recommend using and art/glass spacer.  This can be placed on the outer edge of the glass, which will be hidden by the lip of the frame.  We have purchased small amounts at our local Hobby Lobby, in the framing department.  Large quantities can be purchased at online art stores like Jerry's Artorama, even on Amazon.