Featured Artists In Metro Arts Monthly Newsletter | November 2015

Artist Profile - Duende As Art


What is your preferred medium, and what projects are you working on?

Acrylic paints and mediums are our absolute favorite because they are so versatile and lend themselves to working in layers, and in collaboration. Also the color choices and reflective mediums on the market right now, are out of this world.

We’ve been painting together for three years now, taking turns painting on a single canvas and merging our personal expressions into a collective expression. Now, it’s time for these paintings to find their homes.  Our collaborative acrylic paintings are currently on exhibition at The Ankeny Art Center, through November 25th.  We have also created an online gallery.

In our kitchen studio, we’re developing a series of round paintings.  We completed a painting titled "Blue Moon", and "Red Moon" is currently on the easel.   You can get a glimpse, in our online sketch book.

What inspired you to make this career/avocation choice?

After the second painting we painted together, we knew. We became an artist collective. The depth that our paintings began to embody when our collective stories and life experiences started becoming a cohesive visual language, was an unexpected creative experience.

What surprises you most about your work:

What people see in our paintings. It’s always surprising how many emotions and memories are evoked by color and movement. However, we do come from three different cultures, have vast life experiences, and have all decided to make Iowa home. It shouldn’t surprise us, that there are whole worlds to discover in our canvases.

How can people be more creative and artistic in their everyday life

By intentionally slowing down and taking in the beauty, and taking time to listen to each other’s stories. Iowa skies are constantly jaw dropping gorgeous, and there are so many places here to explore. Also, making a place for creativity, in the heart of the home. For us, that’s the kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of our home, and so having our paintings up on the easel in the kitchen means that everyone who walks in becomes part of the unfolding. Creativity sparks creativity.


Angela Meijer