Angela Meijer

Artist and creative catalyst

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Angela Meijer was raised in the Pacific Northwest.  She studied printmaking, bookmaking and photography in Portland, Oregon and Amsterdam, NL.  In 2002, she moved with her husband to California where they started a family.  With little children at home, Angela sold her camera and photo gear.  She took a painting class, invested in some paints and brushes and has been painting ever since.

Angela recently purchased a medium format camera and began exploring portraits again.  She is currently creating a series of portraits combining painting and photography, in which she is exploring the theme, "I Carry Nations".  Having made her home in different nations, Angela carries these people and places in her heart.  Color and movements from these places come out intuitively in her work.  She is using abstraction to bring the faces and the places together.

The landscapes were in my arms as I did it.
— Helen Frankenthaler

Angela is also part of Artist Collective: Duende As Art.  She shares a studio with Adriaan Meijer and Katherine Rody.  Together, they create collaborative abstract paintings.  Angela is also  illustrating a children's book, and teaching her girls art.

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