Adriaan Meijer


adriaan meijer.jpg


Adriaan Meijer was raised in The Netherlands, and now lives in Iowa.  He works as a field engineer, and never considered himself an artist.  That being said, he pushes and pulls paint with no fear, and is consistently making discoveries in his paintings.  When he is in the studio, he is always looking for non-traditional tools to achieve expressions he sees in his imagination.  Adriaan responds to each color and movement on the canvas intuitively.  He makes complicated nuances look like a happy afterthought.  His eye for composition and balance bring a visual depth to his work.  Adriaan also creates music on the keys and harmonica, and you can hear him coming from a distance, as he is always singing or humming a tune.

Adriaan has been painting collaborative paintings with Duende As Art since 2012, and is currently developing personal work.  Coming soon.